Red Gold Rustic Sunflower Christmas Tree Holiday Card | #sunflowerchristmastree
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Red Gold Rustic Sunflower Christmas Tree Holiday Card | #sunflowerchristmastree

Red Gold Rustic Sunflower Christmas Tree Holiday Card

These burgundy red and gold rustic sunflower Christmas tree cards will be sure to warm hearts this holiday season! The design features original artwork of a Christmas tree created from wicker wood branches and twine decorated with cheerful sunflowers and red maroon holly berries. Glowing strings lights wrap around and atop sits a gold luminous star. If you love the woodland, farmhouse feel, these country Christmas cards fit the mood with its rustic wood background. Inside, is a festive wicker lit forest deer with large antlers and accents of gold and plaid ribbon. The small fawn depicted is non other than a baby Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Feel free to include a personalized message, and also a photo or two. All the graphics inside of these folded rustic Christmas cards can be moved around on the template - so get as creative with their placement as you wish. You can also chose to transfer the unique design onto holiday postcards should you prefer to send your new year greetings out to family and friends without the bother of envelopes. Have yourself a merry Christmas, and enjoy designing! Category: sunflower holiday cards; vintage Christmas cards; and rustic holiday cards. Winter/fall color theme: burgundy maroon red, light gray, yellow gold, green and white.


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